Berry On Top Process

Berry on Top is the sixth and final Farm Fresh Romance by Valerie Comer. I had a lot of fun illustrating and designing this cover, here’s how it came together:


These are the reference photos. My friend Leah is a fan of the books and coerced her husband into posing with her for the cover. The story also features six year old twins, so my oldest daughter got to model for me (she was so excited) with Leah’s son. I wasn’t completely sure how I wanted to arrange the cover, but I knew that I wanted the kids to be spying from around trees and the kissy parents (cooties!).


Here are the sketches. I adjusted his boots and hair and the little girl’s hair and toque. The reference photos are a huge help but there’s always details to tweak to make the illustration fit the story :)


On the left is a rough layout of the cover to get a feel for the placement and colours, and on the right is some of the lineart.


And here is the finished cover illustration. I really love the trees.

I like to make the illustration one seamless image for the cover wrap, even if I end up chopping it up in the design stage. It’s nice to have the image for promotional purposes and it makes it easier to crop it later for the square ratio I need for the audiobook cover.  Also, the big illustration is pretty!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00007]

And here’s the final cover wrap! I lightened the trees and swirls on the back cover to let the text show up more easily. The pink spine will look great with all the other spines in the series :)

It was so fun to do a wintery cover, I love the little sparkly snowflakes!

To see the front cover bigger, check out the cover reveal post. And if you’re curious how the same process looked from the author’s perspective, Valerie wrote a post about the cover design on Inspy Romance.

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