Every cover I create is a unique collaboration with the author or publisher, perfectly tailored to your book and your audience. This is a general overview of the cover design process, but you can see specific examples of covers I’ve created in my case studies below.

1. Getting Started

Everything begins when you fill out the contact form and tell me a little about your book.

I’ll make sure my work is a good fit for your book, and that I have room in my schedule to meet your publishing deadline. We’ll discuss the best style of cover for reaching your readers and if this is the first book in a series we’ll talk about the overall series branding as well, to come up with a great plan for future books.

I’ll give you a firm price and send you a contract and an invoice for the first payment, then we’ll get started on your cover!

2. Cover Creation

I’ll send you a sketch or two to be sure that we’re on the same page, then set up a photo shoot.

Even when it’s not a photo cover, I like to have a reference image that is perfect for your cover illustration. I go into the photo shoot with a clear plan from our earlier discussions, so there are no surprises here.

Next, I create the cover. The details differ from cover to cover but I’ll do the illustration or edit the photo. Add the typography, hand lettering or embellishments.

You’ll get updates as I work to see your cover taking shape!

3. Delivery

If you are offering print books as well as e-books I work on the full cover wrap as soon as I have all the information I need, such as page count and back cover copy. I deliver the front cover as soon as it’s created, so that you can get it up for pre-orders.

I’ll send you the final invoice and then deliver the cover. You get a high resolution (printable) front cover image. Cover wraps for print are sent as a PDF, ready for you to upload to the printer of your choice.

I’m also happy to create a 3D book image at no extra cost, and I can send you separate cover elements (such as just the illustration or the hand lettering) for use in promotional graphics.


Case Studies

 Curious about how I’ve designed previous book covers? Click on one of the thumbnails below to view my process in action.