Happy St. Lucia Day!


Alright, so I know this is a Swedish holiday, and I am not even a bit Swedish, but I couldn’t resist. And my husband is Scandinavian, so I’ll claim it on his behalf 😉


Little close up. I had way too much with the smoke. I blame Mucha for…pretty much the whole illustration.


Here’s the reference photo, thanks to the lovely Faestock, and the lineart. Would anyone be interested in the lineart as a colouring sheet? I don’t know if I have any colourers in my audience :)

I hope your advent season is cozy and bright!


  • Hanna, could you say anything about how you are doing your inking or lineart? I remember reading a post where you wrote that you are using an old Wacom. But how do you do the actual lines?

    When I try to do lines digitally I spend endless time trying to get the lines to be as I want. (In my latest illustration I opted for doing it on paper and scanning it in instead.)

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