Cover Process: Shop Another Day

Here’s how I created the illustrated book cover for the cozy mystery novel Shop Another Day by Kelly McClymer:


I took the reference photo at the same time as the photo for The Mall is Not Enough and had a small photo bombing princess make her way into my shot. My kids are always very curious as to why mommy is running around in front of the camera and tripod.

Next came the sketch. This story involves a jewel thief so I wanted to include some bling in the illustration.


On the left you can see my initial set up. I was starting to ink the sketch and was playing with colours. The buildings were place holders from a previous cover.

On the right is the finished front cover. She needed a bit more sass so I threw in the wink. I love the purple and green :)

Adobe Photoshop PDF

And here’s the cover wrap for the paperback. You can see that the colours aren’t quite as bright, unfortunately bright purple is a tricky colour to print so it has to be shifted a bit for the print set up. You can read more about that in my article about RGB vs CMYK.

You can view the front cover bigger here along with the rest of the covers in the series. I had so much fun with these!

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