Cover Creation: The Mall Is Not Enough

Hi guys! This week I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you the creation of the cover for Kelly McClymer’s cozy mystery, The Mall Is Not Enough.web2

As always, the cover process started with a discussion with Kelly. It was pretty straight forward for this cover as it’s the third book in the series so I have the look of the covers nailed down. This mystery revolves around a sweepstakes fraud, so I came up with the idea of having money raining down around Molly to hint at the theme.

Then I did a glamorous photoshoot in the backyard with a tripod (it is a measure of my love for you guys that I’m showing you this very unflattering photo of myself) which I turned into a sketch. Kelly loved it so it was on to colour!


I transferred the sketch over to the cover template and started playing with colours. I like pink and green together, so I started with that. Once I had a pallet I liked, I completed the lineart and background. The buildings on this cover are all based on banks, which was another key point in the book.


Even though I really loved the pink and green, I realized that I needed some purple in the cover to help tie in the colours for book #4. I did both the covers back to back so I actually had them both open with the first and second covers to make sure that all the colours tied in well. I felt that the green showed up nicely against the pink still, so I went with the colours on the right.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

And here’s the completed cover wrap, ready for print! You can view the front cover larger here.

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